An Unlikely Event (2013 Remaster)

by Edward Ka-Spel & Friends



It all began so informally. EK had fixed a few low key solo shows around Europe to simply try and limp by for another month or 2 while old friend Nicoletta Stephanz just happened to be in Europe and had brought her theramin and box of delights with her.
A collaboration seemed like a first class idea -even though rehearsals were out of the question. In fact EK and The Silverman had chalked up quite a few duo shows
in the last years which turned out to be enormous fun if a tad unpredictable .
Nicoletta's presence added that extra element of chance - but hell, what a glorious element.
At one point it was if she was playing the air itself with a magic wand.EK and Silverman just stared …open-mouthed…Marvellous. Damn it was so special. Then there was her voice part …..a massive choir of her voice through a myriad of effects. Swathes of improvisation occurred.
In fact the concert represented here (at Stuttgart) for this cdr release was one of the first…..this trio went on to tour the US finishing with a bizarre climax in seattle where the whole audience joined in with the band in a song about a happy doughnut.
There were other faces onstage too. Ninah Pixie played a circuit bent flower with the trio in San Francisco, EK's all-time hero Daevid Allen joined the band for the encore section of the same show.
A most unlikely event and also unforgettable….Cover design by Ray.

A big thank you to Nicoletta and Lisa,


released April 15, 2013

Edward Ka-Spel : vox,keys; The Silverman-Keys;Nicoletta Stephanz-Theramin,devices,electronics,voice; Raymond Steeg-live sound



all rights reserved


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