Chemical Playschool Volumes 11​,​12 & 13 (2013 remaster)

by Legendary Pink Dots

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RTW For more than 30 years, the Dots have been crafting long twisty-turny opuses from musical scraps segued together in a way that emulates stream of consciousness or dream logic. This masterpiece is three full discs of it, and is extremely complicated, involved, and fascinating. Bits on the third disc subtly reference parts of the first, and in between long collages of otherworldly noise are some seriously great songs. INCREDIBLE. Favorite track: Chemical Playschool 13 Part 1.


Can a Human Being fly like a bird? Is that wax and those feathers really necessary?
Chemical Playschool 11-13 was about as ambitious as any project ever to have emerged from Chez Dots.The intention was a 3 hour epic psychedelic experience with no breaks resulting in the listener leaving his or her body and flying around a darkened room, connected yet disconnected with the "real" world.
Old tapes were trawled for sleeping caterpillars in order for them to be transformed into brightly coloured butterflies; many new pieces were fashioned in order to make the journey natural , yet full of strange surprises.
It took a year.Every day of a whole year in fact….this creation crept forward bit by bit. In fact it became an obsession.
At around the 9 month mark , the idea came that the listener should in fact be tied to his or her armchair with the 3 cds lined up in a cd changer.That was when EK opted for once code per cd although there are many catchy songs embedded in this journey.Damn megalomaniac….
When CP 11-13 finally emerged in that blue box with the birds ,quite a few people picked it up but few talked about it.A humbling experience, and it took over 10 years for the next volume of CP to appear.
It' remains a loved release here at Chez many ways it's everything The Legendary Pink Dots represent. For these impossibly speedy times it has been broken up ….a little.That's also due to Bandcamp only able to allow uploads of a
maximum of 600 MBs.
You are invited.No-one ever promised you an easy ride…

This remaster was made by EK during the course of an intense week in January 2013. It remains an obsession.


released February 10, 2013

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