Chemical Playschool Volumes 16 & 18

by Legendary Pink Dots

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RTW Like CPs 11, 12 & 13 or Ka-Spel's Caste o' Gray Skreeens, here the band has assembled numerous parts into a gorgeous and adventurous whole, dominated by the tension between not wanting a current part to end and anticipating what greatness is coming in the next part. This one doesn't shift around as often or to such extremes as the greatest in the series, but it's nice to hear a familiar format after the sidesteps of Synesthesia and CP 15, which focus more on whole pieces. Favorite track: Chemical Playschool 18.
Dominic Audy
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Dominic Audy In many ways as brilliant and complex as its much longer predecessor (CP 11-12-13), and in the end, perhaps more powerful. A haunting journey in the darker and sometimes noisier zones of the Terminal Kaleidoscope, through a sonic maze in which you're never sure what awaits you at the next corner. A very successful collage of oft strange songs/spoken parts and soundscapes that flows perfectly and never loses its wind along the way. Definitely among the stronger releases of the last few years. Favorite track: Chemical Playschool 18.


The creatures who frolic in the Chemical Playschool have again escaped their test-tubes, and hell, this time they have gone too damn far...

Recorded from May through July 2014 at The Dolls' House, London and The Silver Studio in Nijmegen. Mastered by Ray.


released September 7, 2014

Edward Ka-Spel, The Silverman, Erik Drost., Raymond Steeg...Cover Art by Anita Hammer.



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Legendary Pink Dots Nijmegen, Netherlands

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