The 25th Anniversary Single

by Legendary Pink Dots

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Koen Victor loving your music since '84 ,
what a ride !
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RTW First released on 45 (which I have), this single offers two versions of the 1981 classic track "Legacy." The first is the earliest version, as available on Chemical Playschool Volumes 1 and 2 (not on this digital version). The second is an all-new version from 2006 that interrupts the proceedings with spoken word and all sorts of effects to give an old track a very new spin. Though a straight re-recording might have been nice (just to hear how time has passed), the end result is extremely funny.


When the Pink Dots reached the age of 25 , a friend (Marc Milhounic) who had been there from the beginning decided to mark the occasion.
A few years before he had started a label which took it's name from a line in one of the Dots' earliest songs- "Some Fine Legacy".
Consequently the Dots dedicated the "A' side of this 7" single to the first rendition of "Legacy"(1981) which can be found on the "Chemical Playschool 1/2" double cassette release (the remastered version is available elsewhere on this site).
Side 2 of the single sees the song reinvented as a collage / radioplay , 25 years later and painfully world-weary.Here it is for your delectation.


released May 13, 2014

Side "A" EK: voice; Michael Marshall : keys,guitar (he in fact composed the music for "Legacy"); Roland Callaway:bass guitar.
Side "B": EK: voice,devices,The Silverman: keys,devices,tapes.
Thanks to Marc Milhounic for the fact that this single exists and Papiro who designed the cover.



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