The Last Man to Fly (2012 remaster)

by The Tear Garden

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geld heeft geen waarde....muziek wel
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geld heeft geen waarde....muziek wel 1992.....this album shaped me in my ever growing personal (and spiritual) process. A masterpiece and nothing less.....ever. Headphones, headphones, headphones, a silent environment and darkness are the right settings..... Favorite track: White Coats & Haloes.
Gregg Russell
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Gregg Russell Oh Tear Garden, how I love thee so.

What a kick ass album Last Man to Fly is! This is a joy ride. The best of Edward and Cevin coming through into a beautiful psychedelic wonder. Tired Eyes Slowly Burning is dark, LMTF is happy. Its joyous but still has that good weirdness about it that Ka-Spel and Key (And perhaps industrial in general) bring.

Turn Me on Dead Man is one of my favorite songs ever done by Ka-Spel and Key. Its catchy, and its got a trippy, dope beat. Favorite track: Turn Me on Dead Man.
John Lithium
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John Lithium THE best album by The Tear Garden. Hands down, no questions asked. Psychedelic, groovy, and emotionally loaded. Favorite track: Hyperform.
Jake Skokan
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Jake Skokan I can listed to this album all day.. everyday. It is truly an all time favorite. Last Post has a lot of meaning for me. It's about love and loss and it makes me smile about both, I guess. Favorite track: Last Post.
RTW thumbnail
RTW "Romulus and Venus" was the big hit, but it's the second half of this record that simply *destroys* everything else. The Last Man to Fly is untouchable. It can never be surpassed. Favorite track: Isis Veiled.


1991.The Pink Dots' finished a long tour in Vancouver and then the real fun began. The Tear Garden became a big band with this record and the laughter and the sheer intensity just went on for weeks. As psychedelic as it gets...
Christoph Heemann designed the cover.


released June 11, 2012

Cevin Key: drums,instruments; The Silverman:keys;Ryan Moore:bass; Edward Ka-Spel:voice ,keys; Martijn De Kleer:guitar; Dwayne R.Goettel:keys; David (Rave) Ogilvie:
guitar, production; Ken Hi-Watt Marshall engineered.Anthony Valcic edited.



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Track Name: The Great Lie / Empathy with The Devil
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