The Maria Sessions (2012 Remaster)

by Legendary Pink Dots

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1991. Been playing for 2 hours now. The candles flickering as the wax creeps upwards. Incense burning......Niels pounds on the 2 tympanis for a few brief moments then returns to his array of horns. A knowing smiles creeps across the face of The Silverman as suddenly four sets of eyes all sudddenly connect at the same moment. A value moment. And Bob? How to say this......his guitar sprouts angel's wings and it's as if this untidy barn
is the last refuge on Earth as the remnants of humanity insist on leaving a legacy of beauty on that recording ghetto blaster in the centre of this space. It's hard not to be romantic ....but that's the atmosphere that spawned The maria Dimension- and this is a peep into that special space.


released September 30, 2012

Niels Van Hoorn: horns,percussion ; Father Pastorius: guitars; The Silverman:keyboards ; Edward Ka-Spel: keyboards



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Legendary Pink Dots Nijmegen, Netherlands

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